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Curent events

Cash on the line

Today is Johnny Cash's birthday, and National Review Online has a pretty good read on how Hollywood "De-Christianized" him:

Leaving out Cash’s Christian faith from his life story is like leaving out half-naked 19-year-old girls from Hugh Hefner’s. It’s like telling the story of Jackie Robinson without ever mentioning race or segregation.

Then and now

Educattion reformer Michelle Rhee on why she broke with fellow Democrats to beicome a strong advocate for vouchers:

Mean vs. Nasty

Hey, is the presidential campaign getting classy or what?

I’m rubber, you’re glue. Welcome to the 2012 presidential campaign, aka ‘Romney Hood‘ vs. ‘Obamaloney’.

Missing Milton

The "the" problem

I have been getting my vicarious thrills lately from following the John Edwards trial. Edwards is the scumbag of all scumbags, and the unfolding creepiness of his sordid behavior is glorious to behold in a can't-take-your-eyes-off-the-car-wreck kind of way. But there's a real issue here, and it hinges on the definition of the word "the" in much the same way Bill Clinton tried to redefine "is":