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Opening Arguments

From worse to bad

Yes, there is a libertarian case to be made for Mitt Romney:

Obama sees it as his job to add every day to the Rube Goldberg device that Washington has grown into, while simultaneously throwing sand into its gears. If that seems like a contradictory notion, or even a sick notion — it is. But we’ve watched Obama do just that for four years now. How much more can it, can we, take?

But the simplest reason is this: If Obama’s Cloward-Piven crash does come in the next four years, a turnaround artist like Romney might just be the right person to have at the helm. It’s no scare tactic to remind you what a dedicated Progressive does with a crisis, especially an engineered one.

[. . .]

We don’t get to choose this year between “good” and “better’” — have we ever enjoyed that choice? But we do get a sharp distinction this year between “bad” and “worse.”

I’m going with “bad” because I’m not sure we’ll survive another term of the worst.

It's not a question of whether Romney will really do all he says he will to reduce Washington's spending and influence. Even if he just does a part of it, that will be infinitely better than the catastrophe waiting if Obama is the power to kpp adding to them.