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Opening Arguments


Good for Bruce Dickinson:

Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson hit out at a fan who spent more time on his mobile phone than watching the band at a recent US gig.

The Quietus reports that a show at the Klipsch Music Center in Indiana, Indianapolis on July 19th was disrupted by the man, who lead singer Dickinson took exception to.

Chastising the man for not paying attention, Dickinson says: "Ah, for fucks sake, the guy with the bald head and the white shirt, you've been texting for the last fucking three songs. You're a wanker!"

Yeah, he's a wanker, and there are more and more of them all the time. We went to a movie on Saturday, and a kid sitting next to us was texting through the entire movie, despite the 752 or so warnings on screen before the movie to please refrain from phoning or texting during the show. And this was the "Alien" prequel "Prometheus," mind you, not exactly a quiet little film that might drive some to distraction. It wasn't a major interference of our ability to enjoy the movie, but to catch that stupid cell-phone glow out of the corners of our eyes whenever there were dark scenes on the screen (quiet a few of them, if you haven't seen the movie) was irritating as hell.

Remember how we used to complaing that technological advances in communication were creating such short attention spans? Well, those were the good old days, it turns out. More and more people now can't bring themselves to pay attention in the first place.