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Opening Arguments

Aisle be seeing you

What? Women get the whole rest of the store, and I'm supposed to be excited about having one stinking aisle?

The idea was to give the lonely male lost in a supermarket a fun shopping experience, putting everything a man's man would need in one place. And New York City's Westside Market has gone and done justthat.

Called "The Man Aisle," the space stocks stereotypically male items like beer, cereal, soda, beef jerky, hot sauces, barbecue sauces, condoms, and oh, Chock Full o'Nuts coffee.

[. . .]

But of course, men can't simply just subsist on potato chips and beer alone (nor can their families). "If he’s in the store, he’s doing the shopping, so we do a little something fun for him," Joskowitz  said. "The whole rest of the store is for the family."

The story notes that 31 percent of grocery shoppers are now men, and I hate to break it to the geniuses as Westside Market, but we pretty much use the whole store just like the gals do. Some of us even buy a little pasta and the occasional cheese wedge to go with our chips 'n beer. And I'll know you'll find this hard to believe, but the other day I actually saw a dude in the produce section.

But maybe it will be nice to have a place in the store where we guys can congregate and share stories about the darling little tires we just bought for our cars and commiserate about those mean women. "They just don't understand us. What do those women want anyway?"

And this could even be the start of a larger trend. Before you know it, there might be a Men's History Month, and we can even have our own clubs to drink in where women aren't allowed. That'd go over big, I bet.


Thu, 08/02/2012 - 4:06pm

I saw a talking-head exchange about a "men's aisle" on CNN (I think). The consensus was that such a thing wouldn't be fair unless there was also a "women's aisle." I snorted beer out my nose. Haven't these people ever seen the cosmetics aisle or the feminine hygiene aisle? Hell, just about every aisle is the women's aisle. At any rate, I think we men can find the chips and beer without special help.