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Opening Arguments

Talk about an empty threat

I know unions in tough contract negotiations can engage in some pretty brutal tactics, but surely this goes too far:

Hundreds of New York Times staffers are ready to participate in a byline strike in their latest demonstration over contract talks.

A memo from the Newspaper Guild of New York announced the development on Sunday. Grant Glickson, the unit chair for the union at the Times, wrote: "Over the last few days, hundreds of people from every department, including many of our best known journalists, have quietly signed pledges to withhold their bylines, photo credits, and producing credits. They have also pledged to work strictly to the terms of the contract."

The horror! New York Times readers won't know who wrote the stories and took the pictures! Obviously they will call up the paper's management and demand such a barbaric practice be stopped. Thank goodness we've never tried anything like that here, huh?Talk abo