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Opening Arguments

You, too, Bono?

My goodness, if even Bono is educable, maybe there's hope for making common sense the norm:

The Irish singer and co-founder of ONE, a campaigning group that fights poverty and disease in Africa, said it had been “a humbling thing for me” to realize the importance of capitalism and entrepreneurialism in philanthropy, particularly as someone who “got into this as a righteous anger activist with all the cliches.

Job creators and innovators are just the key, and aid is just a bridge,” he told an audience of 200 leading technology entrepreneurs and investors at the F.ounders tech conference in Dublin. “We see it as startup money, investment in new countries. A humbling thing was to learn the role of commerce."

How about a one-on-one sitdown with the president, Mr. B., see if you can bring him on board?

On second thought, maybe it would be a little two risky to have the two biggest egos on the planet in the same room.

(Yes, I know that's an awful pun in the headline. Thanks for not mentioning it.)