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Opening Arguments

Ho, ho, no, no

Fewer Santas at the mall these days. No, not because of the War on Christmas. It's all about demographics:

“We are a destination shopping center (versus a mall) that caters specifically to those who work and live in Mission Valley,” Lisa Gualco, general manager for Hazard Center, said in an email. “As such, we want to keep their shopping experience quick, efficient and convenient throughout the holiday season.”

When the bulk of a mall’s shoppers are tourists, young singles, and older folks—basically anybody other than moms with young kids—there’s little reason to devote time, space, money, and energy for a large-scale “Meet Santa” section.

Aww. Get that shopping done and get out. No time to slow down and savor the season. How sad. Wonder if there's a rent-a-Santa place so I can get the old gent to come to my house and look over my shoulder as I put in my holiday orders on amazon.com?