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Opening Arguments

Diversity in jeopardy

Hey, "Jeopardy!" fans, the big event is tonight and tomorrow night:

America's Head Nerd will be crowned Tuesday on Jeopardy! during the final round of the annual Tournament of Champions. Since all the contestants qualified by winning at least three games during their initial runs, host Alex Trebek is clearly so over their boring contestant stories at this point. You can tell he just wants to get back to the game, where he can ask questions about operatic arias that only people on Jeopardy! recognize.
For those who haven't been watching, I should report -- better sit down, this is really exciting news! -- that the three finalists truly "look like America." There's a white guy, a black guy and a woman! Congratulations, "Jeopardy!" producers, for your sensitivite tribute to diversity in America. It's wondrous indeed to see a major television show that has role models for everyone up there.
Oh, wait, hang on a sec. "Jeopardy!" is merit-based, isn't it? Nothing counts except that the three people the best at answering trivia questions become the three finalists, and the best of that bunch wings it all.
Damn you, "Jeopardy!" for ruining out outreach efforts and belittling our attempts at affirmative action1 You're undermining diversity! Once again competence trounces sensivity. How sad.