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Opening Arguments

The banwagon is rolling

Hmmm. Looks like there's an effort to get some "total ban on handguns" momentum. Here's an AP Enterprise piece on Richard Nixon:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Few presidents in modern times have been as interested in gun control as Richard Nixon, of all people. He proposed ridding the market of Saturday night specials, contemplated banning handguns altogether and refused to pander to gun owners by feigning interest in their weapons.

Several previously unreported Oval Office recordings and White House memos from the Nixon years show a conservative president who at times appeared willing to take on the National Rifle Association, a powerful gun lobby then as now, even as his aides worried about the political ramifications.

Well, sure, if a "conservative" president was for a total ban, it must be OK, huh? Except it's not true. I don't mean the part about his being president or wanting a ban. He wasn't really a conservative, was he? How could the AP even think that about a man who was into wage and price control, revenue sharing, the EPA, normalizing relations with China . . . ?

Then there is this: Dem. Rep. Jan Schakowsky: I'm not sure we can't ban hand guns entirely:

In which Jason Mattera discovers Schakowsky’s Nixonian side. Watching this reminded me of the videos that circulated during the ObamaCare debate of high-profile liberals confessing publicly that single-payer is the ultimate goal of universal health care. In both cases, they’re pushing regulations that are less ambitious than they’d prefer because they’ve concluded that only an incrementalist approach can get them to their final destination. Then I remembered: Schakowsky was one of the people in the ObamaCare videos too. No matter how dark your suspicions are of the Democrats’ true agenda, there she is, happy to confirm on camera that you’re dead right. Note to Jason M.: Next time you see her, ask her what she thinks about the possibility of Obama firing drone missiles at American citizens sitting in a cafe. I’m almost afraid to see how she’d answer.

But until we get tot hat final craziness (which, as the poster suggests, we're just one Surpeme Court retirement away from), they'll keep throwing stuff up against the gun-control wall to see what sticks. Like this:

At the federal level, Rep. Linda Sanchez, D-Calif., proposed a bill that would impose a 10 percent tax on “any concealable” firearm. The revenue would be used to help fund a national gun buyback program. The bill is still in committee.

At the state level in California, Democratic state Rep. Roger Dickinson last month introduced a bill to impose a 5-cent tax on every bullet. …

Massachusetts state Rep. David Linsky is pushing a 25 percent sales tax on ammunition and firearms. Maryland state Rep. Jon Cardin has introduced a bill imposing a 50 percent tax on ammo, and an annual $25 gun registration fee.

And according to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Assembly Majority Leader William Horne is pushing a draft bill that would include a $25 per gun sales tax, in addition to a 2-cent tax for every round of ammunition.

It's an expansion of the "sin tax" concept. Yes, Our Second Amendment rights constitute a sin.





Harl Delos
Tue, 03/12/2013 - 4:19pm

I'll give you 2 points for 'banwagon" on your "frequent punner" card, instead of the usual one.

Turn in a full card, and get 10% your next purchase of Ludlows.