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Opening Arguments

Dark at the end of the tunnel

Drat. I forgot to observe Earth Hour again this year:

Iconic landmarks and skylines were plunged into darkness on Saturday as the "Earth Hour" switch-off of lights around the world got under way to raise awareness of climate change.

[. . .]

"I think the power of Earth Hour is in its ability to connect people and connect them on an issue that they really care about which is the environment," said O'Gorman as the city stood in darkness.

"Earth Hour shows that there are millions of people around the world who also want to do something."

I so wanted to be among those sitting in the dark to show we're aware aware that the climate changes, even if we can't, you know, see it changing,  and one of the millions who "also want to do something" . . .  Why didn't somebody tweet a reminder? Oh, wait . . . Maybe eveverybody else turned off their computers, too.