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Opening Arguments

J and J

So, it's going to be Jimmy Fallon at "The Tonight Show," and a friend of mine complained, "But I just got used to Jay Leno!" A lot of people seem to be concerned about this change, but I'm not sure why:

NBC keeps trying to update its Leno with younger, fresher talent, even though he rules in ratings. First Conan, and then Fallon, are supposed to lead NBC into the future where everything is Hulu’d and Roku’d and YouTubed. Though Leno works on TV, when’s the last time you saw anyone bother to post a bit of his on the web? NBC wants that and Fallon brings it, though less cleverly than Jimmy Kimmel who marries Middle America appeal and Internet love better than either of them.

I read somewhere else that NBC is going after the "younger, hipper demographic," which is futile since they areen't that much into TV. Some of us in the older, frumpier demographic have abandoned late night was well. I can't remember the last time I watched a late-night show. I don't know if my tastes in comedy have changed or the comics aren't as good, but they don't seem all that funny or even mildly entertaining.