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Opening Arguments

Phoning it in

An intriguing idea:

Rep. Steve Pearce (R-N.M.) wants to create a "virtual Congress," where lawmakers would leverage videoconferencing and other remote work technology to conduct their daily duties in Washington from their home districts.

Under a resolution Pearce introduced on Thursday, lawmakers would be able to hold hearings, debate and vote on legislation virtually from their district offices.

I have some doubts, though. While there would be certain benefits for constituents -- the saving of money, for example, and more possible contact with the member of Congress -- I can also see limitations this would bring.

Telecommuting has become increasingly possible and demonstrably valuable. There's nothing I do in my job that I can't do just as well from home, except interact with people. That's an important consideration for someone who expresses strong opinions about the public policy decisions some of those people make. I think it's even more important for what is supposed to be a deliberative body. Every time they enact a law or make a decision on how to spend my money, I want to think it's after they have thoroughly hashed it out with each other, giving and taking in a spirited debate. That process would be harder to accomplish if everyone were just phoning it in between breakfast on the patio and trips to the hardware store.