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Opening Arguments

Set in stone

Here's an odd-lawsuit story for which I tried to summon up enough empathy to root for one side or the other, and failed:

A Catholic church has put the brakes on a headstone designed with the NASCAR logo.

Sharon Carr, to honor her late husband, Jason Carr, had a a headstone built in the shape of a couch and decorated with images of a dog, a deer, and NASCAR and Indianapolis Colts logos to represent his interests. But according to the Daily Mail, St. Joseph Catholic Church in Indianapolis has refused to let the headstone in, saying it doesn’t meet the requirements of the century-old cemetery.

On the one hand, it's nice that the woman wants to "represent" her husband's life. But he's dead, lady, and doesn't really care what his tombstone looks like. On the other hand, the church's objection is understandable -- a headstone like a couch with a NASCAR image is God-awful tacky. But come on, guys, it's a cemetery! Wouldn't it be a much more fun place if people were allowed to be creative with their markers? I think mine should be in the shape of a hot dog in a bun to represent my culinary taste or else an old refrigerator without a door on the front porch to represent my heritage.

Did I really just write "more fun place" and "cemetery" in the same sentence? Been a looong day. 


Harl Delos
Tue, 03/12/2013 - 4:31pm

Tell the  widow the church will buy back the grave if she moves the corpse within 30 days.

There.  Can't be no fairer than that.