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Opening Arguments

It's baaaack!

Ah, the return of an old friend -- on the day of the dedication of George W. Bush's presidntial lirary, the Bush Derangement Syndrome comes out of hiding:

Media Matters took a break from whining about Fox News to weigh in.

The none-too-intelligent Jonathan Chait wants you to know that Bush isn’t a smart man.

Think Progress says W killed the planet.

Without the slightest hint of irony, Salon calls Bush’s tenure a “mess of a presidency“.

More from Salon-the execrable Joan Walsh did double duty, complaining about both W and Jeb.

I think I've said this before, but whereas I once just shook my head in wonder at such lunacy, I understand it a lot better now because I suffer from the related Obama Derangement Syndrome.


Orin T Larson
Fri, 04/26/2013 - 10:35pm

Leo, glad to here that you suffer from Obama Dereangement Syndrome.  Guess that means there is something wrong with you rather then Obama.  As for me I never thought much of Bush and now find myself appoligizing for voting for Obama.  Oh, the evil of back to back lessers!