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Opening Arguments

A risk-free pursuit

Nancy Pelosi: Hey, the Founders would have been cool with Obamacare; in fact, it's probably something they even had in mind:


With the main elements of the healthcare law set to go into place this year, Pelosi told MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry that the law “honors the vows of our Founders: life — a healthier life — liberty, the freedom to pursue your happiness.” “If you want to be a cameraman, a writer, if you want to be self-employed, start a business, change jobs, whatever you want to do, you can do that” because of the law’s coverage, she said.

She's not really talking about the "pursuit of happiness," though. She's talking about a safety net that lets people branch out into new ventures without regard to risk. But weighing the riks and potential rewards is essential to any meaningful pursuit of happiness. Without having achieved the reward while braving the risk of failure, whatever "success" there is becomes meaningless and deservedly unappreciated. She's talking about government giving happiness to people, which is the same old tired line such people always preach.

(Video at the link.)