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Opening Arguments

Smile when you call me that

The Indian fighters don't give up:

GOSHEN - A northern Indiana high school's nickname isn't likely to change anytime soon despite efforts around the country to bar its use.
Goshen High School has used the Redskins nickname for nine decades. City Council President Jim McKee tells the Goshen News the name is meant to represent warriors and strength and "should be taken as a compliment."
But many schools around the country have dropped the nickname because it's seen as derogatory toward Native Americans. The Michigan Department of Civil Rights has filed a complaint against 35 schools asking the U.S. Department of Education and Office of Civil Rights to bar the use of Native American mascots.

So, one man's compliment is another man's slur, I guess. I keep expecting this to blow up here over North Side High School, but the issue never seems to quite gain any traction.  The Journal Gazette on March 15 ran a column about the Wasington NFL team, "Time to retire the Redskins name." They got one letter in response saying, yeah, that goes for North Side, too. (Last letter) Not exactly a groundswell.