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Opening Arguments


Ah, life is good again:

NEW YORK (AP) -- Hostess is betting on a sweet comeback for Twinkies when they return to shelves next month.

The company that went bankrupt after an acrimonious fight with its unionized workers last year is back up and running under new owners and a leaner structure. It says it plans to have Twinkies and other snack cakes back on shelves starting July 15.

It's the original "screw your hrealty-eating fascism, I'm going for what tastes good" food, and thus has earned a special place in my heart. Its death would be a real catastrophe.

And for the "having your Twinkie and eating it, too" file:


It's time for our culture to wake up and smell the sex pheromones: monogamy is not natural for many, or probably even most, humans.

With people living longer than ever before, a greater tolerance toward the human impulse to experience sexual variety is needed. Whether a person succeeds at being sexually monogamous depends as much on biology as environment.

We could argue all day about what is or is not "natural," but I suspect that while monogamy is still the cultural norm, straying from it is tolerated a lot more these days than when I was growing up.