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Opening Arguments

Yikes! to you, too

Awww, I'm a "resource":

MUNCIE — Whether you’re a millennial or a member of Generation X, working and living in East Central Indiana means you’ll be employed with people older than you.

Unlike larger cities such as Indianapolis or Chicago — where young college graduates move in large numbers — East Central Indiana is becoming grayer, with nearly 20 percent of residents over the the age of 55.

To help young people understand the value of older supervisors and fellow employees, Muncie Young Professionals is offering a lunchtime workshop titled “Yikes! I work with old people! Bridging the age gap in the workplace,” a chance to see the older crowd as a resource, not a challenge.

Frankly, I'd rather they just stick with their initial reaction that I'm an old fart too stuck in my ways. That way, I can indulge my opinion -- that they're a bunch of lazy, incompetent whiners -- with impunity.

The whippersnappers think we don't understand them, but, really, we do. The difference between the old and the young is that we've been where they are, and they have no clue at all where we are (and they're going to be). That never occurred to my when I was young. Funny thing.