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Opening Arguments

Rogues gallery

The Weiner roast just gets amusinger and amusinger:

Bill and Hillary Clinton are angry with efforts by mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner and his campaign to compare his Internet sexcapades — and his wife Huma Abedin’s incredible forgiveness — to the Clintons’ notorious White House saga, The Post has learned.

“The Clintons are upset with the comparisons that the Weiners seem to be encouraging — that Huma is ‘standing by her man’ the way Hillary did with Bill, which is not what she in fact did,’’ said a top state Democrat.

[. . .]

“The Clintons are pissed off that Weiner’s campaign is saying that Huma is just like Hillary,’’ said the source. “How dare they compare Huma with Hillary? Hillary was the first lady. Hillary was a senator. She was secretary of state.”

Well, la-de-dah. Actually, Clinton was a worse scoundrel than Weiner. I mean, which is worse, sending icky sexting stuff to women you've never met or groping and fondling women who have to deal with you in person? He was much more likable on the surface, however, so he can get away with a lot more than Weiner, who seems basically to be a very unlikable person. The two who can be most fairly compared are Hillary and Huma, standing by their men, professing true love but leaving us to suspect their motives.