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Opening Arguments

Digital suicide

Will the last one leaving please turn out the lights before you go? Oh, wait, that could be me:

This could be the final blow to paper and ink news: Reporters graduating out of journalism school and headed to work at newspapers and magazines don't read print media, with over seven of 10 choosing digital news and social media websites instead, the highest number ever, according to an authoritative new study.

The University of Georgia's "Annual Survey of Journalism & Mass Communication Graduates," which surveys J-School grads, their habits, salaries and the jobs they take, found that just one-third had read a newspaper the day before taking the survey. That's a stunning drop from the 81 percent in 1994.

I've noticed that around here, too, among even not-so-recent graduates. Of course, much of what we consume digitally originates with newspapers and other "traditional" media. We're caught in a self-defeating cycle. We have to offer our stuff through all the new technologies, but that just hastens the end of paper.