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Opening Arguments

Party like it's 1986!

Talk about brave souls:

If you ever need to know who was the prime minister in 1960 and you’re willing to wait 10 minutes for the answer, Blair McMillan is your man.

He’ll take his time carefully thumbing through a volume of his vintage encyclopaedia set, donated by a bewildered soul who probably wondered why the 26-year-old father of two couldn’t just get an Internet connection.

The thing is, Blair and his girlfriend Morgan, 27, are pretending it’s 1986.

And they’re doing it because their kids – Trey, 5, and Denton, 2 – wouldn’t look up from their parents’ iPhones and iPads long enough to kick a ball around the backyard.

That’s why their house has banned any technology post-1986, the year the couple was born.

No computers, no tablets, no smart phones, no fancy coffee machines, no Internet, no cable, and – from the point of view of many tech-dependent folks – no life.

“We’re parenting our kids the same way we were parented for a year just to see what it’s like,” Blair said.

They do their banking in person instead of online. They develop rolls of film for $20 each instead of Instagramming their sons’ antics.

They recently traveled across the United States using paper maps and entertaining their screaming kids with colouring books and stickers, passing car after car with TVs embedded in the headrests and content infants seated in the back.

Wow, talk about primitive -- going all the way back to 1986! Using paper maps and taking photos with film! Reading books! Boy, do I feel old -- try living like it's 1970, pal, and see how long you last.

It's amazing, though, to stop and realize how much of the technology we take for granted each day is so very new. Sdo much has been added so quickly that going back just a few years in lifestyle really does seem primitive.


Lois Marquart
Fri, 09/06/2013 - 12:43pm

Sounds good to me.  I am just wondering where/if they are able to purchase their film and do they develop them themselves.