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Opening Arguments

Merry fortnight

My libertarian instincts kick in against edicts such as this, but on another level it's quite pleasing:

JACKSON, WYO. –  Jackson has set a new limit for holiday displays on its Town Square to 14 days.

The Jackson Hole News And Guide reports that the 14-day limit was set after groups sought to set up unattended displays for weeks on end.

The limit applies to nativity scenes, menorahs, Santa-related things and anything else people might want to install to celebrate the holiday-rich season or just make a point to the crowds that will be on the square in coming weeks.

Yeah, we all know Christmas is coming. We don't need to be hit over the head with it day after day for months. This is public property we're talking about, so the city fathers can pretty much do what they want with the space. And for a change they're including all Christmas displays, not just that constitutional wall breeching Christian stuff.

Now, if we could just get the department stores to quit putting up their Christmas displays before Halloween. I mean, didn't the Supreme Court's Kelo decision pretty much take away the last vestiges of private property? That's right Wal-Mart, we're coming for you.