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Opening Arguments

Like some fries with that Bach?

I can't decide if this is more funny or more sad:

A McDonald's outlet in Australia has begun playing classical musical and opera late at night to deter young people from loitering around the restaurant.

Fed up with their outlet's nocturnal transformation into an unofficial youth club, the store adopted the tactic a few weeks ago and says it has significantly reduced the number of loiterers, particularly around the car park. The strategy has reportedly been tried before by a local council at a car park in Australia, though previous efforts involved blaring songs by Barry Manilow.

Certainly it's a shame the kids don't get classical, but I'll give them a lot of credit for disliking Barry Manilow, too.

The restaurant will probably be sued for violating the snowflakes' human rights. Did you know theat The United Nations and the European Court of Human Rights have both banned the use of loud music as an interrogation technique? Good thing we ignore that nonsese and can go right along playing metallica and the theme song from "Barney" at Iraqi POWs.


Bob G.
Thu, 11/21/2013 - 3:26pm


Since I LIKE classical music (ultimate oldies, that is), this would seem to be a WIN (for me, anyway).

"Yes, I would like fries with my Chopin".

Now, about that ENYA selection...lol