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Opening Arguments

Ho, ho, ho

It's always gratifying to see the politically correct crowd hoisted with its own petard:

A bulletin board meant to provoke discussions of racial stereotypes has been removed Monday night from an Indiana University residence hall after generating outrage on social media.

The Foster Residence Center display featured an African-American in a Santa suit and the question, "Can Santa Claus be a black man?"

WTHR-TV reports that the display also asked whether a black Santa would be allowed down the chimney or would only visit poor urban areas. One of the questions also asked, "Did you ever play with a black Barbie doll?"

That expression, btw, is from Shakespeare and means "blown up with its own explosive." What they were trying to blow up, of course, is the notion of "white privilege" that has been sneaking into college lectures lately. Why they would think being creeped out by a black Santa is still a stereotype feeding that privilege is anybody's guess. Still living in the 1960s, maybe?

An IU spokesman says the display, part of a residence hall's diversity program, had a good intent but the execution was misguided. Uh huh.