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Opening Arguments

Bad baby

Now, this is funny: Big, bad New Yorkers getting the pee scared out of them by a baby"

How do you go about promoting a horror movie about a devil child? There are all the usual routes--TV ads, billboards, websites, trailers--but perhaps the best way to convey the spirit of the film is to actually scare the living hell out of people with an actual devil baby.

That's what Thinkmodo has done for its latest stunt to promote 20th Century Fox's Devil's Due, which hits theatres this month. The shop, known for elaborate projects, built a robotic baby inside a remote-controlled stroller and then set it loose on the streets of New York. The reactions of well-meaning passersby are priceless.

The movie looks to be standard lame horror schlock and not worth seeing, but the video of the promotion stunt is pure genius. Check it out.