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Opening Arguments

Pardon me for droning on

OK, here's today's callous, rightwing post of ruthless bloodthirstiness. This protect seems misguided a little to me:

Community members take the time to remember innocent casualties of other countries that have been subject to drone attacks.

Fort Wayne for Peace, as part of April Days of Action Against Drones, hosted an event Sunday afternoon at Headwaters Park, called, “Fly Kites, Not Drones.”

Protesters say kite flying is a favorite pastime for Afghans, although protesters say it's been banned by the Taliban.

Participants say they're flying kites to remember the victims and their families in Afghanistan, Somalia , Yemen and other countries where U.S. drones have killed innocent civilians.

"Fly Kites, Not Drones" is just too precious to count as a valid spinoff of "Make Love, Not War," I think.

Granted, the use of drones makes the death of innocent civilians somewhat more likely than with a more conventional approach to killing the enemy. But war is war, and there will always be targets hit other than the intended ones, including, unfortunately, even deaths by friendly fire. But war is always with us, and the use of drones, as much as we might dislike the idea, is the adaption of the latest technology to the wating of war, which has always been the practive.

They ought to be at least as concerned over the increasing use of drones in this country, by the government, law enforcement agencies and, pretty soon, every Tom Dick and Harry up and down the block. Our privacy will be all but destroyed, for one thing, and unarmed drones don't have to stay that way. The increasing statist creep coupled with the growing surveillance appetite ought to be of concern to more than a few of us paranoids who see totalitarianism under every rock.