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Opening Arguments

Just a little off the top

I do not want to be a customer of one of those fancy styling salons, OK? I am always on the lookout for old-fashioned barbers who will talk my ear off while I doze in the chair in manly contentment. And I have to tell you, it's getting harder and harder. Every time I find a guy -- the place on Fairlfield next to the old Luteran hospital, the guy on Broadway close to downtown -- he's in his 80s and down to one chair that he only works at half-days. Then he retires, and I have to start another search.

Barber's pole in windowUntil now. I don't know how to convey how remarkable it is that I discovered:

1. A new barbershop with four -- count em', four -- chairs.

2. With barbers so much younger than me that I never have to worry about them retiring.

3. In a clearn, bright (i.e., not musty and dusty) building.

4. Near my neighborhood, where hardly anything new ever goes in, let alone something as retro as a barbershop. And they seem to be doing good business.

Anyway, it's Joe's Barbershop on South Wayne a couple of blocks south of Rudisill. Welcome to the neighborhhood, and tell Floyd he can take the day off. I grabbed the phot off Joe's Facebook page -- yes, a barbershop with a Facebook page.

And my thabnks to Jonas for the haircut and beard trim. Yes, they do beards, too.