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Opening Arguments

Self-defense-free zones

When the Chipotle chain announced its intended gun ban by saying the sight of law-abiding citizens carrying guns caused customers "anxiety and discomfort," Breitbart News reacted with this:

If law-abiding citizens caused customers "anxiety and discomfort," what will those customers feel like when a criminal enters Chipotle, now confident that no victim in the restaurant is allowed to have a gun which which to fight back?

They'll probably feel like the patrons of this restaurant:

A Durham, North Carolina restaurant with a sign on its front door reading, "No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms," was robbed at gunpoint on May 19.

Gunsnfreedom.com published a photograph of the sign on May 21, making "The Pit" restaurant a self-declared gun free zone--the same kind of zone Michael Bloomberg and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America pressure other restaurants into becoming.

Because of the flap over whether Indiana Republicans can carry guns around during their state convention here next month, we now know, and in a big way, that Parkview Field and the Embassy Theatre are gun-free zones. Make you feel less anxious about your next visit to one of those venues? Not me, brother.