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Opening Arguments

Earn that treat, Fido

Good Lord, something new we have to worry about -- not turning our dogs into welfare-dependent members of the permanent canine underclass:

In humans the ‘eureka moment’ is a commonly known feeling that occurs when we solve a particularly troubling problem.

But new research suggests that we’re not the only animals to experience this - dogs, too, gain pleasure from solving a tricky task.

In a series of experiments, scientists found dogs were happier when they earned a reward by performing a task, rather than just being handed a treat.

That battle has, alas, already been lost when it comes to cats. And heaven forbid they should even have to ask for the treats, let alone do anything as demeaning as earning them. You're supposed to read their minds and know exactly when they want treats. Not hard to do since they would like a treat, oh, all the time.