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Opening Arguments

My time to waste

The pope wants us to not waste time on "futile things":

Our life is made up of time, and time is a gift from God, so it is important that it be used in good and fruitful actions."

Activities cited by the Pope as futile were: "chatting on the Internet or with smartphones, watching TV soap operas, and (using) the products of technological progress, which should simplify and improve the quality of life, but distract attention away from what is really important."

Oh, I dunno. Your "wase of time" might be my "relaxing and getting ready for the next challenge." My "waste of time chatting" might be your "shoring up an important relationship." All of us -- at least everybody I've ever known -- "waste" a certain amount of time doing things that "distract attention away from what is really important." We just have different ways of doing it. I like mine just fine and may fine yours strange, but so what?

"Using the products of technological progress" is neutral. It's what we use them for that makes the difference. Chill, Frankie.