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Opening Arguments

The return of 2nd base

Well, that didn't last long:

Baring her breasts and winking at the camera, ‘Nicole from Bournemouth’ today brought to an end speculation that Page 3 had been killed off.

It had been widely thought the controversial segment in The Sun newspaper had been dropped after 44 years - and Government ministers welcomed the move.

The newspaper had not published pictures of topless glamour models since last Friday, instead advising readers the pictures would be available on its website.

But under the headline ‘Clarifications and Corrections’ on page three today, the paper published a topless photograph of the 22-year-old model.

It stated: ‘Further to recent reports in all other media outlets, we would like to clarify that this is Page 3 and this is a picture of Nicole, 22, from Bournemouth.

Two schools of thought, I suppose. 1. Sun editors allowed speculation to go on because it was terrific publicity for the paper. 2. They were serious about withdrawing the feature but quixkly backtracked when circulation plummeted precipitously.  Oh, well. Call me an old-fashioned conservative, but it's nice to see at least one cherished tradition being upheld.