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Opening Arguments

Smart diplomacy

I did not think it was possible for John Kerry to do anything cheesier than throwing up that hand salute and shouting, "John Kerry reporting for duty" at the Democratic Convention. But, by heavens, I think he's done it:

Under fire for being a no-show at the Paris March Against Terrorism, the Obama administration sent Secretary of State John Kerry to Paris today to give a “big hug” to the French.

In addition to expressing solidarity with the French people, Secretary Kerry brought singer James Taylor to play his 1970s hit song “You’ve Got A Friend” for the French.

A "big hug" and "You've Got A Friend." Haven't those people suffered enough?


Larry Morris
Sat, 01/17/2015 - 11:53am


Growing up, I can remember few times when I was embarrassed by our government.  Lately, it has become the norm …