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Opening Arguments

Outta my spot!

Boy, the mayor of Boston is a real wet blanket. First, he tells people to stop jumping out of second-story windows for fun, even if the snow is high enough to cushion their fall, and now he's cracking down on parking:

BOSTON - The mayor of Boston says residents who worked tirelessly to carve out parking spots during the city's multiple blizzards can no longer claim stake on those spots.

Space savers, such as chairs and cones, have been used to secure spots in some of the city's hardest-hit areas.

Mayor Marty Walsh, says they need to be cleared out by Monday.

It's natural to be upset if you spend hours cleaning out a spot in front of your house, then go to work and have somebody else come along and use it. Hell, it ticks me off when one of my neighbors has a party with enough guests that somebody ends up parked in front of my house. But the thing is, I have no right to that spot. The street is public property, which  means anybody can park there anytime. It's surprising how many people don't quite get that.