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Opening Arguments

Back to balance?

I agree this was on many people's minds; I was one of the ones doing the wondering:

In the wake of last month’s Supreme Court ruling establishing same-sex marriage as a nationwide constitutional right, critics and supporters of the decision alike wondered what the future might hold for Americans of faith whose objections to such unions were unswayed by the judicial outcome.  Will Evangelical photographers, Muslim florists, and Catholic bakers be coerced into serving gay weddings, or will they be sued and harassed into dust by the Left’s highly-choreographed pro-“tolerance” enforcement squad?

The early reactions weren't encouraging. Even here in Indiana, smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, the movement away from religious liberty and toward tolerance as the new national religion has seemed relentless. But perhaps I was letting the media-driven frenzy distract me from reality. New polling seems to show Americans returning to some sort of balance on the tolerance-religious liberty equation:

I've always thought, and written many times, that there is a world of difference between not serving a gay couple at your restaurant and no wanting to cater a gay wedding. It was beginning to kook like that was a minority opinion. I'm happy to see it might not be the case.