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Hoosier lore

Stutter step

Uh-oh, Purdue reaally screwed up, letting its name be used on a study that isn't a pointless, expensive research into the obvious but might actually be useful:

Purdue University professors earned a federal grant that will help them understand what’s behind childhood stuttering and why some kids grow out of the problem.

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Reckless abandon

OK, somebody wiser than me about the Hoosier  criminal justice system is going to have to explain this to me, 'cause I just don't get it. On the one hand, we have a man from Vincennes charged with criminal recklessness for his inattentive driving:

The best. Ever

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed every game of that remarkable season, I'd have to say I agree:

ATLANTA — Everybody agrees, the 1975-76 undefeated Indiana Hoosiers were the greatest single-season team in the history of college basketball.

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He should know

I'd say this fits into the "safe bet" category:

Land-based gaming will come to Indiana, with declining overall casino revenues and other factors making such a shift more likely, Indiana Gaming Commission Executive Director Ernest Yelton said Monday.


The headline on Gawker sort of says it all:

Indiana Man Loses Dart Game, Punches Wall, Crashes Car, Calls 911 to Report Himself for Drunken Driving

How conveeeenient!

Indianapolis Star opinion page editor Tim Swarens doesn't hink much of Sen. Joe Donnelly's recent announcement that his opinion on gay marraige has "evolved" to the point where he now supports it:


Jim Sanders is a nut:

LAFAYETTE, Ind. —  Jim Sanders doesn't believe law enforcement can pull over vehicles simply for speeding.



A legislative proposal to allow the state’s five fenced deer-hunting preserves to stay in business hit a roadblock on Thursday.

Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, R-Fort Wayne, told reporters he would quash efforts to legalize what critics decry as “canned hunts.”

Nobody waived goodbye

Did you know IPFW was the first public niversity in Indiana to offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in women's studies? Wonder if they'll include a course on male backlash:

The former chancellor of IPFW has filed suit against Purdue University, alleging that he was targeted for compulsory retirement as part of a drive to hire more women administrators.

Ain't keeping my ire bottled up