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Hoosier lore

Playing the news

The same debates about what should go on Page 1 apply to other newspapers besides college ones. The Wabash Plain Dealer, where I began my career, once had a policy that nothing but local news could ever go on Page 1. This led to some devious maneuvers when very big national stories broke. The staff managed to get the 1969 moon landing on Page 1 with a story that began something like this: "Wabash residents were awed and amazed yesterday as they watched the astronauts of Apollo . . . "

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A con's con

Boy, you'd think somebody serving a 40-year sentence would try to find ways to make his stay as pleasant as possible, not think up schemes guaranteed to increase the misery officials heap on him. But then he's not in prison for being smart, is he?

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In the no

Lots of buzz in the Indiana blogosphere (yes, we do have one) on the front-page Indianapolis Star story about public officials' violations of the state's public access laws.The consensus seems to be that officials are a bunch of scofflaws who generally ignore the toothless Office of Public Access Counselor.

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Spring forward

It looks like those of us who think ISTEP testing should be in the spring will get our way. Jim Shella, political reporter for WISH-TV Indianapolis, reported on his blog today:

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I left my heart in Gnawbone

When I saw the headline on this story, I wondered what the heck a "universal" woman was? An out-of-this-world woman? A woman who worked for a movie studio? A beauty contest winner? Of course not. She was a woman from Universal, Ind., pop. 400-plus. We have lots of little places (all below 1,000 pop.) with interesting names.

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When 'free' isn't

It's lovely that some ISU students will be given free computers. But how about books and other supplies for students below the college level, so that "free public education," promised by the state constitution, means what it says?

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Big deal

Mark and Tom

I like Tom Hayhurst, both as a person and a councilman, and he's raising some money, so Democrats must think he has a shot at unseating Mark Souder in the 3rd District race. But it will be an uphill fight.

A friendly little game of pigball

There are a lot of stories about the origin of "Hoosier." Bet you haven't heard this one (not to mention an explanation of "Purdue"). I went to Ball State, so leave me out of it.

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Let my people know

Tonight's lead editorial reports that local charter-government supporters are moving up their timetable, planning to seek legislative permission for a voter referendum in this year's short session of the General Assembly instead of waiting till next year. They're doing that mostly because Evansville and Vanderburgh County are moving ahead with their plans this year.