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sarah palin

Enemy of the good

The spotlight on Trig Palin at the GOP convention, writes Michael Gerson, comes at a time when we need to have a civil-rights debate about those who are born "less than perfect." Of the cases of Down syndrome diagnosed by prenatal testing each year, about 90 percent are eliminated by abortion. And the American College of Obstetricians recently recommended universal early testing for Down syndrome, not just for older women. Some say increased screenings will reduce the number of Down syndrome births to fewer than 1,000 a year, compared to the 5,500 a year we now have:

The pro speaks

Guess that silly "Is Sarah Palin experienced enough?" debate is over:

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, who flirted with running for president as an independent, tells Newsmax that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is too inexperienced to serve as vice president.

“Now here she is, after not even having been there for two years, she's now going to be the VP!?” asked the 57-year-old actor and former pro wrestler.