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Loyalty 101

While I was occupied with personal stuff last week, I missed the whole LeBron James saga, which I probably wouldn't have paid much attention to anyway. But in catching up, I couldn't help but notice how overwrought everybody got about his decision. He had a choice to make, and he made the one he thought was best for him -- get over it. The over-the-top prize has to go to Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert in his open letter to Cleveland fans:

Second chances

How to find interesting, thought-provoking stuff online:

Tony Dungy was back in Indy this week to work on one of his favorite causes, trying to keep kids on the straight and narrow:

Dungy, in partnership with Indiana Project Safe Neighborhoods, narrates a video called "There's Not Always a Second Chance," focused on the stories of young men who made choices that changed their lives forever, 6News' Jennifer Carmack reported.

Game plan

Indianapolis has had a remarkable run of placing players in the NBA -- nine, including eight first-round draft picks. The result is that a lot of Indy prep starts have big dreams of an NBA career. But the odds aren't exactly in their favor:

While it might appear reasonable for the city's current high school stars to think they can follow their predecessors to the NBA, the probability they won't is staggering.

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Thank goodness the long drought is nearly over:

The 2009 American Football Conference champion Colts will make 22 tour stops across the region between June 1 and July 21.

And then we have to wait only until Aug. 15 and the first exhibition game, at home against San Francisco.

Lies, damn lies and statistics

The Pacers have been trying to shake down Indianapolis because they don't want to keep paying the $15 million a year in operating costs for Conseco Fieldhouse. Under consideration -- "We might move if you don't agree!" -- is for the Capital Improvement Board to take over the costs and still let the Pacers play there. Sweet deal. The latest tool to be trotted out is that old standby, the economic impact statement:

This ex

I know liberals are supposed to be bleeding hearts who waste foolish time and energy on behalf of the underdogs of the world, but this is ridiculous:

In one of his last public speeches before retiring, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens on Monday bypassed talk of the court's deep ideological divide and the battle to replace him and instead talked to a Chicago legal group about his beloved Cubs.

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Pace the Pacers

Like all Hoosier cities, Indianapolis is suffering both from the economic downturn and changes in tax structure dictated by the state. It's sruggling to keep parks and libraries open, police and firefighters paid, infrastructure from crumbling. So the Indiana Pacers decide now would be a good time to extort some money out of the city.

On the Bulldog bandwagon

Evan Bayh takes a final courageous stand on a tough issue before leaving office:

"My heartfelt congratulations go out to Butler University, Coach Brad Stevens, all the players and the entire Butler family on a historic season and a magical run through the NCAA tournament," said Bayh.

Duke it out

Well, Butler lost, so let's pick on Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski.

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65 and counting

Maybe it's just the editorial-writing cynic in me, but I'd say if they're "considering" it, it's pretty much a done deal:

INDIANAPOLIS -- Ninety-six teams could make the men's tournament if the NCAA decides to expand from the current field of 65.