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Opening Arguments

Listen up

OK, here's a good thing the federal government does. Every year since 2000, the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress has chosen 50 records worthy or preservation. The 2006 list is out, and I don't think this is much of an exaggeration:

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First things first

Boy, here's a stunner: When our kids get out of school, they want to head for the bright lights of the big city. Everyone in Fort Wayne who has been talking about Hoosier "brain drain" should read this article, just in case they think they already know how complicated the issue is. Among the more perverse findings: Having an educated workforce doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how good your schools are.

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Free at last

Two weeks from today, April 26, will Tax Freedom Day, according to the Tax Foundation. That's the day when we will have paid all our local, state and federal taxes and will be working for ourselves. According to the foundation, that's three days later than last year and 10 days later than 2003 and 2004. Oh, had you thought your tax burden was going down? Here's a chart (it's a pdf file) showing what Indiana's numbers look like.

A big meth

I've always wondered about methadone. It's just as addictive as heroin but doesn't provide the high. What junkie really wants to go for that? It seems like replacing a case-of-beer-a-day habit with O'Doul's. Yeah, please, give me something that tastes awful and makes me pee all night but doesn't give me a buzz.

When "free" isn't

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Talk dirty to me

Well, hooray for Notre Dame for letting the play "The Vagina Monologues" be put on there, despite the fact that it's not exactly in tune with the school's Catholic essence:

“To be a university means that we engage in diversity of viewpoints that are vigorously debated, some of which will challenge Catholic understanding,” the Rev. John I. Jenkins said. “I don't think we should be afraid of that. That's what it is to be a university.”

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Let's get nyookuler

This country's retreat from nuclear power has been sheer idiocy -- talk about turning our backs on science and letting myopic environmentalists and paper-shuffling bureaucrats combine to hold back our growth and hurt the environment at the same time. Believe it or not, things are looking up, and there's a chance common sense might ultimately prevail.

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A bright idea

Bulb_3 Maybe I've been wrong about global warming being the biggest scam on the planet. Could Molly Ivins, Al Gore and Time magazine ("Be Worried. Be Very Worried") all possibly be duped? At least Molly knows what needs to be done:

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So it begins

Odd_1 Don't let the accompanying photo, of County Commissioner Marla Irving and City Council President John Crawford, fool you.

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Signs for stupid people

Dsc00203_1 I just had to share with you one of those "Doh!" signs that are encountered now and then, apparently for the purpose of explaining to stupid people possible mistakes that even the stupidest of people probably wouldn't make. What does that say about the people who come up with the idea for such signs?


Until the day she died, I lied to my mother about the plants. There were two hanging rows of them, above my kitchen sink and in the windows overlooking the back yard. She watered them on her visits to my house, keeping them healthy and beautiful.

A short break

This will be my last post for a short while.

My mother died this morning after several years of declining health and a crises-filled couple of months. My deepest gratitude in advance for all the prayers and kind thoughts I know will come our way.

Back when I'm able.


Those of you who observed the absurd, infantile "controversy" over the name of of a blog here in Fort Wayne might be interested in this amusing collection of intellectual-property claims. Among the silliest:

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Gate crashers

It's a lot easier to have a spontaneous outburst of righteous indignation when it's organized, eh? But those brilliant tacticians probably should have included a couple of additional instructions: 1. Ditch the Mexican flags, and, 2) Try to sound as if you at least halfway like the nation whose gates you are crashing. Big, big backlash from this. The already substantial majority of Americans who think we should be much tougher on illegal immigration is just going to grow.

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Business sense

Yesterday, I posted a link to a National Review article praising the efforts of Gov. Mitch Daniels in making Indiana more business-friendly. The headline on the article was "Open for business," which was meant, and I took to mean, as a compliment to the governor. Tracy Warner of The Journal Gazette (or perhaps I should have said "another newspaper in town" and made you guess), disagrees:

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Stone cold

I honestly do not mind that, with the release of "Basic Instinct 2," or whatever the heck it's called, there will be a lot more of Sharon Stone out there than I want to see. I'll just not go to the movie. (You can do, it, Leo, you know you can. Be strong. Don't give in!) But it's annoying, because harder to avoid, that there is more Sharon Stone out there than I want to hear.

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Here, Kitty, Kitty

Cat_1 You know the difference between a dog and a cat? If you die, your dog will shuffle and whine around the house for days until it almost starves to death. But once you stop breathing, your cat considers you food. I say that as a cat person, with two of those self-centered creatures in my house.

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Two strikes and really out

I can live with this:

The proposal allows prosecutors to seek the death penalty for sex offenders who are convicted twice of raping a child younger than 11.

Currently in South Carolina, murder is the only crime eligible for the death penalty.

Missing MCL

I love having a lot of food choices, and would have had a grand time at this buffet:

In all, 510 dishes were set in front of the crowd Tuesday. Each one had to be certified distinct by a Guinness World Record adjudicator.

They ranged from Mongolian chicken and salmon Wellington to creme brulee and homemade apple pie.

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The curse curse

Much has been written about the profusion of profanity these days, and I've posted a few items about it here. This is merely the latest observation about today's Age of Profanity:

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