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Monday September 1, 2014
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The long view

I've been pretty critical of President Bush of late, so here's a more positive assessment of his performance:

Posted in: Current Affairs

He can die, he's done it all

You go, guy:

Britain's oldest surviving war veteran has celebrated his 110th birthday at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne.

Henry Allingham was presented with a letter of good wishes from the Queen by Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown at the five-star seafront hotel.

[. . .]

In the past Mr Allingham has put the key to his old age down to "cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild women".

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The best Congress money can buy

It's not just Republicans. It's not just Democrats. A congressional culture has developed in which these people live in a separate reality:

Over a 5½-year period ending in 2005, members of Congress and their aides took at least 23,000 trips — valued at almost $50 million — financed by private sponsors, many of them corporations, trade associations and nonprofit groups with business on Capitol Hill.

Bad boys

Bobby Oh, please. If you just get mad, you have a bad temper. But if you get mad -- unreasonably so -- often enough, you can have Intermittent Explosive Disorder, your very own disease:

What's a library for?

Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that what this patron of the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library says is true:

Posted in: Hoosier lore

But some of them are faking it

They needed a study for this?

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Teenage girls commonly have sex not because they want to, but because they feel pressured into it - and the result may be a higher risk of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy, a new study suggests.

Posted in: Hoosier lore

Let's daggy the hoons

The last time I said something mean about Barry Manilow, I was roundly thrashed by members of his international fan club, who will apparently let no slight stand. A woman in England wrote, "Children, calm down there is no need to throw your toys out of the pram just because people love the Manilow."

Posted in: Music

Switched at death

Maryland has a fully professional medical-examiner system, so of course a body could never be misidentified there:

A child who died in a car crash was misidentified as his younger brother, a mistake that his relatives discovered a week after the accident, state police said Monday.

Troopers confirmed that the boy who died in the May 29 crash was 7-year-old Christian Marshall and not his 4-year-old brother, Justin.

Posted in: Hoosier lore

The no-rules lesson

A school with no rules finds that kids without rules=discipline problems. Boy, who saw that one coming?

Now, in a new book, its current head, Zoe Neill Redhead, the founder's daughter, reveals the school is having to adopt a more disciplinarian tone towards its current pupils, who have been so pampered by their parents, she says, that they no longer know the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

Posted in: Current Affairs

Well enough alone

Why is the fact that the Supreme Court is hearing fewer cases seen as a problem? "Supreme Court Faces Shortage of Cases," the headline says, and:

Justices are running well behind in filling their argument calendar for the term that begins in the fall. They have accepted 18 cases, compared with 27 by this time last year and 32 in 2004.

Many of the cases they have agreed to consider are technical rather than potentially groundbreaking.

Rubes of the road

Dumb drivers:

Approximately one in three drivers said they usually do not stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. At least one out of five drivers did not know that pedestrians in a crosswalk have the right of way. At least one in five also did not know that roads are most slippery when it first starts to rain after a dry spell.

Posted in: Hoosier lore

Sorta, kinda deadly

Letter to the editor in The Journal Gazette calling tasers "deadly weapons" and saying Wells County police were wrong to use one in a specific case. (The letter writer goes on to criticize the sheriff for trying the case "in the court of public opinion," like, oh, you know, the letter writer is doing.)

Posted in: Hoosier lore

Still sinnin', still payin'

Thank God this was just a simple error of calculation:

The city of Indianapolis has been shortchanged as much as $19 million due to a mistake in calculating Indiana's alcohol excise tax.

I'd hate to think people in Indiana are actually drinking that much less.

Posted in: Hoosier lore

Reappearing railroad blues

Now, see what that evil Mitch Daniels has started. Here's another disposal of precious infrastructure assets to a foreign company. Why, this is just . . .

. . . Oh, wait. It's a Candadian company, selling rail lines it owns, in Indiana. To the Indiana Rail Road Co.

Never mind.

Posted in: Hoosier lore

The big fix

Here it comes, the predictable use of the victim-identification mixup to push for replacement of elected coroners with appointed medical examiners. But the mistakes that were made really have nothing to do with our coroner system, as the editorial admits:

Posted in: Hoosier lore

Ditch the "Ditch Mitch"

Oh, yeah, this is a really smart platform for Indiana Democrats in the fall election:

Another waste of time

If President Bush is trying to shore up his dismal poll numbers by "getting back his base," I'd have thought there might be something in there to please me, too. Things like fiscal restraint, a serious attempt to protect the border, recommitting to federalism instead of proposing new national initiatives. But, nooooo. This is his idea:

Busy signals

Ah, shallow politicians with simplistic answers:

New York, you've got nothing on Lawrence.

New York state made national headlines four years ago for becoming the first state to ban motorists from using cell phones. But a proposed cell phone ban in Lawrence would be tougher than that law or any other cell phone ban in the country, a national group that studies cell phone usage said.

Old friends

I love stories like this:

Lifetime lovers Frank and Anita Milford have become Britain's longest-married living couple after celebrating their 78th wedding anniversary, newspapers reported.

[. . .]

Posted in: Current Affairs

Baseless politics

When I read about Mike Pence, truly a conservative in most respects, dissing the U.S. Senate's amnesty plan disguised as a guest-worker program, then offering his alternative, which calls for a stronger border-security program, followed by another version of an amnesty program that he says is not an amnesty program, I thought I had seen the final proof that Washington.