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Monday September 22, 2014
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OK, your kid first

Read at your own risk

Those of us who occasionally speak out against collectivist intrusions into what should be private decisions are often seen as paranoid loners, anti-communitarian cavemen who are just one missed dose of medication away from standing on the front porch with a shotgun, shouting at the moon about that no-account gov'ment. But, really, how paranoid are we when they don't even try that hard to hide their real agenda?

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Back to nature

Just when we think we're making headway against eminent domain, here it comes again:

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Big Cheap Bomb, indeed

Thank goodness Indiana has just reworked its fireworks law:

HAMMOND, Ind. -- Investigators believe the fire that completely destroyed a fireworks store Thursday morning was arson.

The blaze began at 4:45 a.m. at the Big Cheap Bombs, on the 1000 block of 5th Ave. in the northwest Indiana city, according to Hammond Fire Investigator Rich Wheeler.

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One at a time

First, they came for cigarettes, and you remained silent, because you were not a smoker.

Then, they came for property, but, you remained silent, because you were a renter.

Then, they came for fried chicken, and you did not speak out, because you were a vegetarian.

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Ready, aim, never mind

Here's a nifty case that should test what people really think when they have to weigh constitutional principles against personal beliefs. San Francisco tried to ban handguns and make possession of long guns tougher. This was done by in a voter referendum, with 58 percent of voters agreeing with the ban. But a judge said no, the citizens of San Francisco did not have the right to make this decision:

An e-paper future?

Cool, very cool. So, you carry around this cheap, digital screen, which is so flexible you can fold it up and put it in your back pocket. And it costs less than the price of a year's newspaper subscription, so when you subscribe, the newspaper just gives you one. And you can download the entire edition of the newspaper, which will be updated frequently, any time you want.

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The chips have fallen

Rove_3 Now, that Karl Rove has been cleared, I have to remind you of the scientific experiment I conducted way back in July proving that he would, in fact, be exonerated.

Play by the rules, get screwed

I know someone who has been in negotiations with the VA over his World War II disability payments. This guy was a Marine and was too close to a blast, and it affected him just about all over his body -- loose teeth, hearing loss, shrapnel wounds. You should see all the paperwork, the letters, the comments of the doctors doing physical exams. All of this is for a pittance, a difference of a few hundred dollars a year. Does the hearing loss qualify for a 10 percent disability or a 20 percent one?

They use the cars to drive away

So, Princeton got a Toyota plant, and the money gushed in, and everyone lived happily ever after. Well, not quite:

Downtown Princeton, while quaint, might strike a visitor as being just one round of layoffs away from extinction.

While the city has profited from increased tax collections and property assessments, its sidewalks are crumbling, and some of its buildings show telltale signs of distress: boarded windows, empty storefronts, degenerating facades.

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Ah, tranquil Brown County

If the cows are freaked out by daylight-saving time, wonder how they'll handle this?

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Life imitating art

So, David Lynch and Mary Sweeney get together, have a child, stay together raising that child for 14 years and finally decide to get married, then Lynch files for divorce after one month, citing "irreconcilable differences." That sounds like a David Lynch movie.

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A Tiny criticism

Further proof that there is stuff on the Web you can find nowhere else. In today's example, a radio guy (Tiny) takes on a TV news operation (WANE) over its pitiful use of the English language. The selection he cites has some priceless mangling, including this line: "In 1986 for more than a million dollars, Bonsid says at the time it was the highest price paid per customer for a cable station." Also, the guy's name, as Tiny points out, is Bonsib.

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The holy trinity

Ah, life is good:

Good news for most of us, as recent scientific studies have concluded that coffee, beer, and pizza help cure cancer.

Now, if they'd just hurry up and prove the health benefits of fried food, all my life choices would be validated. Get that study done, KFC! (To tell you the truth, I like the grape more than hops. Have you seen all the studies about red wine?)

Posted in: Science

Keep it simple, stupid

A libertarian view of the nanny state -- persuasion is better than coercion:

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Have options -- will skip

"Have Gun -- Will Travel" was one of the best of the early TV shows, starrring Richard Boone as Paladin, one of the great existential characters of all time. I don't know if this is more sad or silly, but:

Detroit rapper Eminem will return to the big screen in a remake of the classic television series Have Gun - Will Travel.

[. . .]

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Stealth amnesty

Columnist Pat Buchanan is not impressed with Indiana U.S. Rep. Mike Pence's illegal-alien offering, which he calls a stealth amnesty plan:

Which brings us to the Pence plan, named for the conservative congressman from Indiana who heads the House Republican Conference and was the 2005 Man of the Year to the conservative Human Events weekly.

Another victim speaks out

Only in America:

A man is suing an auto-parts store for assault and battery after he attempted to hold up the business and employees responded by beating him with a metal pipe.

The scary thing is that we should not assume he will lose his suit.

Shopping in all the wrong places

How come I'm never around when stuff like this happens?

A 28-year-old woman has been cited for lewdness for exposing herself inside a store.

[. . .]

The woman told police she arrived in Cedar City with a circus but was left behind.

And, to think, my parents told me running away to join a circus would be a bad idea.

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Christ the divider, not the uniter?

So, we have a list of the most controversial films of all time, which includes such titles as "Deep Throat," "Natural Born Killers," "A Clockwork Orange," "Basic Instinct" and "The Deer Hunter." And the No. 1, most controversial film of all time:

Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" ranks as the most controversial film of all time, according to Entertainment Weekly. The magazine ranks the 25 films that have most shocked, disgusted and divided moviegoers, in its June 16 issue, on newsstands Monday.

Posted in: Religion

Great moments in education

If you approve policies that don't require students to show up for class, they won't show up for class. Who'da thunk?

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