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Don't just sit there, look busy

Come on, Hoosiers. Just a few more minutes a day, and we can be No. 1:

Indiana workers once again rank second in the country when it comes to wasting time at work.

According to a new survey by America Online and, Hoosiers on average spend 2.8 hours a day slacking off at work.

Missouri tops the list, slacking off three-hours and two minutes a day.

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Not so alarming

If your house is being burglarized, use your keyless remote to set off your car alarm to chase the bad guy away? Another urban myth demolished:

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Ask the fans

Why doesn't someone ask Wizards fans what they think about a new baseball stadium downtown? New-stadium backers hope a move would increase the fan base, but it certainly won't work without the current fans, so their opinions matter more than most people's. It would seem to be a simple matter to hand out cards at a game or two with these options: Would you like the stadium to remain where it is, or would you prefer it downtown? 

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A very costly war

All you silly libertarians out there have probably been buying into the myth that once a tax is imposed, it never goes away:

The Spanish-American War has been over for more than 100 years, and now so is the tax imposed in 1898 to help fund it.

As of Tuesday, all phone companies selling long-distance phone service are legally required to eliminate the 3 percent federal excise tax on long-distance service, which had been established in 1898 as a luxury tax on wealthy Americans who owned telephones.

Digital world

Digital is changing everything, including, apparently, how movies are made:

Why? Because film costs a lot and must be used sparingly, while digital tape is practically free. The difference between the scarcity economics of film and the abundance economics of digital is, as Bill put it, "the difference between pointing a loaded gun at someone and a toy gun. You point a loaded gun at them and they're going to act different. A film camera is a loaded gun. Digital is not."

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Plasma is forever

Dang. I knew if we just waited 'em out, those women would come to their senses:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend, according to a new U.S. study that found three of four women would prefer a new plasma TV to a diamond necklace.

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Hangin' out with the kids

After we're done warning the kids about what they put on MySpace, maybe we'd better say something to the adults, too.

Did the top editor at a small Indiana newspaper lose his job because of a profile? He says, "Yes."

[. . .]

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Just checking

I hesitate to write about the heat wave, lest I fall into one of those weather cliches, but this is a nice story. A friend's father, an 80-year-old World War II veteran, took their dog Maisy out for a walk yesterday in his neighborhood. At one point, Maisy decided she needed a rest and sat down. She wouldn't get up, so her walker decided to sit down with her.

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Duty, honor, what?

The usual debate you hear these days on a return to the draft is between conservatives who think it would be a good idea because it would be a unifying force in the country and liberals who don't particularly like the military culture. This, from Thomas Sowell, is a viewpoint I haven't heard before.

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Look at the numbers

No matter how long I keep looking at the baseball numbers for a downtown stadium, they don't make sense. Attendance is now about 3,500 a game. Let's say moving downtown could increase it to 4,500. If you say, well, that would be 300,000 people downtown over a five-month period, that would be one thing. But it won't be. It will be maybe 3,000 of the same people coming over and over again and a few thousand more who come occasionally.

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Winning and losing

Boy, if conspiracies are reaching down into Little League, I guess they're everywhere:

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Downtown baseball

On our editorial page, we've been extremely supportive of downtown development, and we've advocated some things most of our readers probably haven't favored, such as the library renovation. But we've had two editorials in a row expressing skepticism about a downtown baseball stadium. The latest one wonders why, given all the "catalyst projects" that could have been chosen, a baseball stadium is the one everybody is zeroing in on.

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Geneva this

Could we now have, say, a six-month moratorium on all the stories about how the U.S. is "creating more terrorists" and "destroying the world's good opinion of us" and "not living up to its obligations as a civilized nation" by violating the rights of these cute and cuddly "detainees"?

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If dogs could talk. The story, under the headline, "Seriously, Get This Sweater Off of Me," begins:

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Gadgets on trial

It's nice that our courts are going 21st century hi-tech:

Now, a $250,000 project to outfit each of the four “Grand Courtrooms” on the courthouse's third floor with plasma video screens, digital sound, digital recording, telestrators and other gadgets designed to make trials and proceedings run faster and smoother is on the cusp of being complete.

Hot enough for you?

Here we go. With a certified heat wave, naturally the news outlets have to trot out their hoary weather cliches. This one amounts to: Stay cool and take it easy, as if we'd never been through this before:

If you must be out:

_ Limit outdoor activity to morning and evening hours.

_ Cut down on exercise.

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In vino veritas

I never paid much attention to the "is Mel Gibson an anti-Semite?" debate. Some said they saw proof of it in his background and/or artistic work, but he vehemently denied it; a reasonable person could believe either position. But I think the proof is there now; he's not just anti-Jewish, but a raving nut about it:

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Unsatisfied minds

Do you wish you lived in Denmark, the "happiest country in the world"? Are you sorry the United States came in at only 23rd? Note the standards used in the judging:

"Smaller countries tend to be a little happier because there is a stronger sense of collectivism and then you also have the aesthetic qualities of a country," White said.

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Pat's gas attack

"Gas gouging" in Indiana is not just a matter of saying someone has been charging too much. A specific case has to be made:

The law defines gouging as charging a consumer an unconscionable amount for the sale of fuel.

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Open wide, felons

Regular readers know I've expressed concerns about some privacy issues. I don't see this as one to worry about:

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