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Opening Arguments

The beat goes on

My current hero:

(CBS4) FORT LUPTON, Colo. Violaters of the city of Fort Lupton's noise ordinance were in for a big surprise this past Friday. The city's judge sentenced citizens who have been busted for being too loud to 1 hour of listening to unpopular or unusual music.

In a courtroom with mostly young adult offenders, Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" played loudly on a boombox.

During the full hour of punishment, they were not allowed to chew gum, eat, drink, read or even sleep.

Most violators found the first few minutes funny. As time wore on with Karen Carpenter, Barry Manilow and Barney songs, they weren't laughing anymore.

"At about 20 minutes into it, I was trying not to fall a sleep," said violator Luis Cano.

Judge Paul Sacco carries out the punishment about four times per year. He said he believes the sentence fits the crime.

Not sure about that writer, though. The Barney songs fit the description, but I don't think Barry Manilow, Dolly Partion or Karen Carpenter qualify as unusual or unpopular -- except to those who like to inflict their own choices on the rest of us at ear-bleeding levels.