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Opening Arguments

Hey, look, !@#$% naked people

I found this to be an astonishing claim: "New study says full-frontal nudity on prime-time TV up 6,300 percent over last year." Did TV suddenly start running porn movies while I was in the kitchen getting a sandwich? But then we see these examples of what is counted:

Examples of the content used to illustrate this point included a scene from ABC’s “Don’t Trust the B- in Apartment 23” in which Chloe sits on the kitchen counter – her breasts, buttocks, and genitals pixilated. On “Suburgatory,” George and Noah argue in the steam room and Fred opens his towel, his genitals pixilated. NBC’s “The Office” contained a scene in which Robert jumps into the pool during a party, his genitals blurred, and on “America’s Got Talent,” Nick Cannon takes a camera behind-the-scenes and knocks on Howie’s trailer. He invites him in despite being totally naked, where his genitals are blurred out.

Well, there's the problem. These are, A) from shows I never watch and, B) not real instances of full-frontal nudity. I mean, I know pixilated blurs aren't clothes, but they serve the same function, don't they? There is nothing to see, because it's all covered up.

The people who fuss over such things beg to differ:

The impact is virtually the same as actually showing it. Just as ‘bleeping’ an ‘f-word’ or ‘s-word’ is virtually the same as airing the actual word,” Henson continued. “It just calls attention to the thing that has been edited out.”

So I guess if I watch enough of this stuff, it will get me just as worked up as seeing the actual nudity and I'll go out and attack somebody. Only somebody who looks really blurry, though. Hmmnn. Come to think of it, that's everybody lately.

What would happen if they showed somebody with pixilated body parts while he was shouting bleeped-out  "f" and "s" words? Cultural Armageddon, I guess.


Harl Delos
Fri, 08/24/2012 - 10:54am

Don't forget swimsuits.  They cover crotch, and on women, the breasts, calling attention to what has been covered up.

And if you include swimsuits, you probably ought to include the clothing of EVERYONE on television.  And what the hell, if pixelation makes no difference, why bother clothing anyone at all.  Just make everyone on television go nude.

Ice Road Truckers ought to be really interesting in the nude.  I mean, shrinkage!