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Opening Arguments

Bad dudes

A little light reading for a getting-chillier winter day -- 7 types of dudes who annoy everyong just by their very existence, including trolls, king turds and beta wimps, plus my favorite to hate, the male feminist:

Are guys like this trying to impress chicks? Were they brainwashed in a women’s studies class in college? Are they just uncomfortable with the fact that they have a penis? Whatever the case may be, these losers are so irritating that you get the feeling that even most liberal feminists have to choke back the intrinsic revulsion that they feel for these Nancy Boys.

Alas, there is one group that might include me, try as I might to avoid it -- Mr. Contrarian:

Whether these guys just enjoy arguing, never got over failing to make the debate team in high school or think it makes them sound smart to disagree with almost every single thing you say, they can’t help themselves: They just have to contradict you.