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Opening Arguments

God's will

Pat Robertson is getting stranger and stranger:

Televangelist Pat Robertson on Wednesday struggled to understand why homosexuality was no longer considered a mental illness, but said that he approved of gender reassignment surgery.

In response to a viewer who asked if her gay nephew needed to pray for himself to be helped, Robertson recalled that homosexuality was considered to be a personality disorder by the American Psychiatric Association until 1973.

“A few years ago the psychiatrists, the psychologists used to say that homosexuality was a mental illness,” the TV preacher remarked. “Now, the Supreme Court has said that it is a protected right.”

[. . .]

“Now I understand and I’ve mentioned on this program that people that need a sex change operation — in other words, it’s a woman that’s trapped in a man’s body, a man trapped in a woman’s body — and they really need some hormones and surgery to get the thing lined up, that’s one thing,” he opined. “But this other — many, many people are into this [homosexual] lifestyle because they have been abused as a child and so forth.”

So it is possible to be "trapped in the wrong" body;  does that mean God made a mistake? And it's OK for people on their own to go ahead and correct God? But homosexuality is, what, not a mistake by God? I'm just as confused as Robertson seems to be.

"Abused as a child and so forth." Lot of territory there.