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Current events

Food bites

Since I'm in the grocery store two or three times a month, this isn't exactly a shock for me to read:


World food prices are likely to rise for a third successive month in March, and could gain further beyond that, with expensive oil and chronically low stocks of some key grains putting food inflation firmly back on the economic agenda.

Scary stuff

Don't worry, be moderately positive

Hate that ice cream, man

I don't want to have to fight with my kids, so no ice cream for you, either!

They’re all screaming for no ice cream.

Overprotective Park Slope parents have declared war on a treasured rite of spring: an ice cream in the park.

A healthy disagreement

I've been complaing for years about the control over us exercised by "nine unelected people who serve for life," even when there has been a conservative majority on the Supreme Court. (See here, for example.) It's nice to now have some high-profile company:

Have another drink, Hon

Good news, guys. We look prettier at closing time, too:

Scientists have long known symmetry to be tied to attraction, with a face in which one half mirrors the other seen as a sign of good genes and good health.

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Eviction notice

Since I'm obviously more sympathetic to the Tea Party movement than the Occupy movement, some will accuse me of partisan-hackerly-level gloating for bringing this up:

Bully pulpit

Let's pull the panic back a notch or two:

But is America really in the midst of a "bullying crisis," as so many now claim? I don't see it. I also suspect that our fears about the ubiquity of bullying are just the latest in a long line of well-intentioned yet hyperbolic alarms about how awful it is to be a kid today.

Help, I've been tipped

Man, these are some big numbers. The Mega Millions jackpot is at a record $540 million and counting. So even a lot of people who ordinarily don't buy lottery tickets are jumping in, despite the 1-in-175 million odds of winning the whole thing:


A nickel for your thoughts

Some real change in Canada:

Canada will withdraw the penny from circulation this year, saving taxpayers about C$11 million ($11 million) annually and forcing retailers to round prices to the nearest nickel, the government announced in its budget today.