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No-rules schooling

Playing nice for the camera

The most cited reason for the rise in poularity of body cameras for police is that they would create visual records so we don't have to guess what really happens during police-civilian encounters. A generally unarticulated corollary to that assumption is that the cameras will modify police behavior. Now there's a study seeming to show just that:

A very short peace

Everybody's getting all gushy and weepy over the 100th anniversary od that Christmas Day Truce during World War II. And leave it to the wide-eyed naifs at NPR to suggest it as proof That There Might Be Hope For The Human Race After All:

In some places, the two sides held prayer services together. They exchanged mementos, like a small brass button on display in a glass case at the museum.

Belt Tightening 101

A lot of people have been complaining about the crushing weight of college costs, but leave it to a conservative Republican like Mitch Daniels to actually do something about it:

The good news

I know most of you know this, but in case the doom-and-gloom headlines and the rantings of lunatic pessimists are getting you down:

Allow me to drone on

We can now get our own personal drones for a few hundred bucks, and I guess they're -- um -- flying off the shelves this Christmas season. This is -- understandably -- raising safety concerns:


The fight between Rand Paul and Marco Rubio over President Obama's "normalization with Cuba" move is a good place to start in understanding all the arguments invovled. They are both likely presidential candidates and represent almost completely different factions within the GOP, so this is an early glimpse into an evolving foreign policy debate.

Soft despotism

I know there have been a lot of  "The Eric Garner case is/is not about race" stories, but I think this piece, arguing that it is "worse than racism" is important


This seems like a ditinction that's hard to justify:

Today, the Obama administration will reveal new updates to its guidelines on racial profiling. Politico explains the new guidelines will tighten “limits on the practice but still allow federal law enforcement agencies to employ it at airports and along the border.”

Ten-hut! Dismissed!

Been there, done that: After 13 years of war, troops feel burned out and without a sense of mission. More doubt their leaders and their job security.