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A surprising result

Guess this comes under the heading of "Be careful what you ask for." I'd say this is a wise reaction:

Churches across America are discussing safety issues when it comes to baptisms, with some experts saying pastors should use only wireless microphones when performing full-immersion baptisms.

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In Jesus' name, knock it off

Indiana isn't the only state whose legislature is being challenged for invoking the name of Jesus:

"As a matter of historical fact, the exact prayers given in the first Congress explicitly referred to Jesus Christ," according to a 50-page legal brief the county filed Tuesday.

Give me a grande in the God cup

Don't mean to sound sacrilegious, but I've always found coffee a spiritually moving experience, especially the first cup of the day, as in: God, I needed that! Can't wait to see who will complain about Starbucks' common-sense policy of asking people for their favorite quotes and putting them on the cups. An atheist might see the God quote and get offended, after all. It might have been nice if the story had mentioned somewhere exactly what quote about God Rick Warren offered.

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The monster is growing

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Brave new world

A lot of people think the current president's bioethics council is concerned a little too much about the ethics and not enough about the bio, although the way they usually put it is "religion trumps science" or some such. That's a fair assessment; I think the administration is less science-friendly than it should be. But some people don't worry enough about the opposite extreme, our scientific enthusiasms running way ahead of our ethical and moral sensibilities.

Faith and science

"Creation science" is an oxymoron, and "intelligent design" is just a different way to try to get religion into science classsrooms. That's not to say that religion shouldn't be explored in schools, but mixing faith and science will benefit neither. It would be nice if we could follow this debate from afar, but that's not to be.

It has only six commandments

The perfect thing for part-time Christians who take care of it all in one hour every Sunday: the 100-minute Bible. They just took out the boring parts.

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In the beginning . . .

At some point, is it possible that science and religion will meet, as we get closer to the beginning of the universe and the mind of God? Just asking. Read a little quantum mechanics if you want to really start to wonder; Newtonian principles do not explain everything. Oh, and don't miss this:

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Still in Kansas, Dorothy

If we allow one theory of "intelligent design" of the universe into science classrooms, wouldn't we then have to let other theories in as well?

Better dead than Fred

You remember our old friend Fred Phelps, who has brought his vile Westboro Baptist Church members here and lately has been picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq (including Indiana ones). He's at it again.