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Turn out the lights . . .

The core of the Indianapolis Colts is aging fast, and the team doesn't have the young talent to replace it, so the team's remarkable run of 10 or more wins each season since 2002 may be over:

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The $90 million man

Well, it has to be somebody, doesn't it?

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will end this year as the National Football League's (NFL) highest-paid player, according to a Forbes report released Wednesday.

Manning, a four-times most valuable player in the NFL who agreed to a five-year $90-million contract with the Colts last month, is expected to earn $23 million in total compensation for 2011.

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Lesser stars

A fellow Ball Stater washes out, probably for the last time:

MUNCIE -- Nate Davis' opportunity with the Indianapolis Colts abruptly ended two days after his chance to show the team he was capable of handling a backup position at quarterback.

Easy call

Oh, dear. The first NFL exhibition game or the GOP debate from Iowa. Whatever shall I watch tonight?

Hint: There's a good reason "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME SOUND-BITE POLITICS???!!!!" has never been used as a TV promo.

Back to basics

What causes crime? Oh, come on, that's an easy one: Laws cause crime. "Crime" is an activity that the appropriate governing body puts sanctions on in order to discourage the activity. Remove the sanction, and it's just another activity. Reduce the number of laws, reduce the amount of crime.

Scalper scum

All right, troops, listen up! We're getting the Super Bowl in here, and millions and millions of dollars will be floating through for the taking. All you enterprising souls who want to get in on the gravy, take one step forward. Not so fast there, scalper scum!

Indianapolis is looking to crack down on ticket scalpers.

Take your puck and shove it

A regular guy

Peyton Manning is being praised for agreeing to a contract giving him a "mere" $18 million a year for five years -- the same as Tom Brady is getting! -- when he could have gone for more and become the highest paid player in the league:

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One down, one to go

OK, all you long-shot artists who bet that a debt-ceiling compromise would be reached before the NFL owners and players would settle, pay up:

Let's go, boys

Yes, please, and amen:

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees say "it is time" for NFL owners and players to wrap up negotiations on a deal to end the league's lockout.