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And the Colt they rode in on

The Colts team that showed up for the game against Houston looked like it couldn't beat anybody. The team that showed up last night against the Giants looked like nobody could beat it. How long into the season will it be before we figure out which team is the real one? Going to be interesting.

I agree with this post that the ballyhooed "meeting of the Mannings" was really compelling TV, and also that:

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Brave talk

Boy, bet they'd really freak out over North Side Redskins:

SOUTH BEND — The Saint Joseph's High School Indians could be getting a new mascot.

Vince LaBarbera, spokesman for the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, confirmed Tuesday that a meeting will soon take place between Mark Myers, superintendent of schools for the diocese, the principal of the high school and Brian Collier, a local Native American historian who initiated the talk.

[. . .]

To be discussed, he said, is the appropriateness of the mascot.

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Here's a good, debatable issue that doesn't involve terrorists, illegal immigrants, the federal government or religion, so let's go for it as a change of pace. Illinois and 31 other states have a "mercy rule" for high school football.

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Dopes and fools

Roger Clemens has gone from baseball great (11-time All-Star, 354 wins, 4,672 strikeouts, certain Hall of Fame inductee) to sleazy drug-taking cheat in near record time:

Payton Manning

Kinda scary for a Colts fan:

Jim Irsay won't let Peyton Manning walk away from the Colts next season, no matter the cost.

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Nice guys

How to make the public like you:

The new director of player relations for the Indiana Pacers says he hopes to improve the image of players as a means of boosting the franchise. Former Pacer and current broadcaster Clark Kellogg says if he can successfully mentor the players, the result will be a positive reputation for the team and for the city.

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Where were the cowbosy?

This is awful: Indians Slay Knights. How did it happen, and how many victims are there? How did Indians and Knights even get into the same era anyway? Was it bows-and-arrows against lances? No wonder the Indians won.

Oh, wait. It's a sports story. Never mind.

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Get the nachos ready

Yeah, well, we'll see:

The Indianapolis Colts head the linesmakers' lists but they are on offer at odds of 8/1 (bet $10 to make $80 profit), when the pre-season favorite is usually around the 5/1 mark or lower. Odds of 8/1 suggest that the Colts have a 11 per cent chance of lifting the Vince Lombardi trophy next February.

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Random Madness

Those nefarious villains of the NCAA may be -- gasp! -- running an illegal lottery in Indiana:

MISSION CITY, KANSAS -- An NCAA ticket dispersal plan involving a lottery may violate laws in some states against gambling. A lawsuit alleging exactly that is headed for an Indiana court after a federal appeals court ruled the case had enough merit to garner a hearing.

Let's Pace ourselves

By God, only in america. Just yesterday, my sister was an average Hoosier, daughter of a coal-miner, a medical technician living in a middle-class neighborhood.  And today, she is part-owner of a professional basketball team!

The Indiana Pacers are staying in Indianapolis, but it will cost taxpayers at least $33.5 million over the next three years

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