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Tailing the Komets

Rockford rematch?

Is there anybody besides me who is kind of secretly hoping the Komets don't climb out of seventh place in the standings so they can match up again with Rockford in the playoffs? After all, the boys have no fear of the IceHogs and last year's series was one of the best in Komets' history. I wouldn't even mind that they wouldn't have the home-ice advantage.

Think a few guys might be realizing they are fighting for their jobs right now, too?

What Saturday night's game really means is that the game Wednesday night will be a whole heckova lot of fun.

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Tomorrow's story

Goaltender Kevin St. Pierre broke out of a mini-slump on Friday with 29 saves during regulation and four more in a shootout, as the Komets won a critical road game at Missouri 2-1.

“Frenchy played really well and our penalty kill was a lot better tonight,'' Komets coach Greg Puhalski said. “Good for him, and he was good in the shootout.''

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Komets claim defenseman

The Komets announced today that they have claimed defenseman Mike Dombkiewicz off waivers. Dombkiewicz, 27, is in his second season as a pro after starting the year with Emira skating 27 games before being traded to Kalamazoo where he appeared in 21 games before being placed on waivers. Last year Dombkiewicz skated UHL stints with Kansas City, Richmond and Missouri and was selected to the UHL's All-Rookie Team.

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Favorite hockey/sports movie

It's not like we've got a ton to pick from. I absolutely loved Miracle, especially after talking to Mark Wells and Steve Janaszak about it and how accurate it was. That was a fun story to write.

Also liked Mystery, Alaska, though it's totally science fiction.

C'mon, let's come up with a Top 10 list while the boys are on the road.

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What's up with this?

Over their last five games, the Komets have been out-scored 10-3 in the first period. For a team that struggles so much to come from behind, that's deadly.

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Today's story

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Can't we all just get along?

Hopefully something a little lighter. What else -- besides following the Komets like the stock market -- do you do for fun? Komets can't take up all of your life, and, yes, I'm looking for ideas. LOL.

Anybody got any interesting hobbies?

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Hunter update

Matt Hunter has been played on the 10-day injured reserve list with a separated shoulder. He suffered the injury Sunday when he was hit by Kalamazoo's Nick Bootland. Komets General Manager David Franke said the team won't know until later if Hunter might be able to rehab the shoulder enough to play later or if he'll require surgery which will end his season.

The Komets have sent a tape of the hit to United Hockey League Director of Hockey Operations Brad Jones for review.

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Monday's story

The shortest press conference in Komets coach Greg Puhalski's 12-year coaching career lasted about two minutes Sunday night, or about 360 minutes shorter than Sunday's 4-1 loss to Kalamazoo seemed to last.

``We didn't play well at all,'' he said.

Any ideas why?

``No comment.''

How about the whole weekend?

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Disturbing trend

This weekend was an example of how the Komets will probably either win a first-round playoff series 4-0 or lose 4-0. They Komets have a horrible problem of playing to the  level of their opponent. For the last two-thirds of the season that's been OK because they've usually found ways to win. They played pretty even with Kalamazoo in the first period on Sunday but trailed 3-0 mostly because of some shakey goaltending. Kevin St. Pierre struggled mightily, while Kalamzoo's Joel Martin made some marvelous saves.

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This is from Mark

Thank You Komets

I'd just like to give a big thank you to Rick
Bireley, Coach Puhlaski, and the Komet players namely, Jonathan Goodwin,
Colin Chaulk, Troy Neumeier and Kevin St. Pierre, for taking time out of
thier pregame rituals and taking pictures with my son Jonathan. They don't
realize but they have touch the Shepler family in more ways than they think.
Thank You Komets you are guys are class acts.

Mark and Jonathan

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This sounds familiar

Down 3-2 after two periods to a really bad team, out-shooting them by a wide, wide margin. What does that tell you? I haven't seen any of the game, but it leads me to believe there's no one in front of the goaltender screening him or getting to rebounds again. Man, do they miss Lance. Somebody has to step up.

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Iceboi's answer

Thought this was an interesting topic, so here goes:

I posted this on the other blog, but am interested in Blake's position on this idea... Interesting comment up about a 2-ref system... Perhaps this is something that the UHL should at least try? The only reason I am suggesting this is that there is often a lot of crap that goes on behind the play. I have noticed several times that bad things happen and people boo the ref, but he didn't see it. He can't call what he doesn't see. I think another ref would be an idea to at least try.

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Icy's feathered four

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Great news for Galbraith

He just got out of surgery at Fort Wayne Ortho and the news couldn't be better for him or the Komets. He had a torn meniscus but it didn't require extensive surgery so the doctor just trimmed it. He also had a torn Posterior Cruciate Ligament but that did not require surgery and will heal on its own. He's going to be out 2-3 weeks, and will begin his rehabilitation on Monday. He'll more than likely be at the games this weekend.

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So what did you think?

About the article with Guy the other day? I can't believe we didn't get more comments on that.


I was kind of surprised at first by what he said but he kind of convinced me by the end. Where would all those players who would be in the IHL be playing now? With the veteran restrictions in the AHL and ECHL, there aren't that many options for them other than Europe. I thought it was pretty interesting.

What did you think?

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My response to a few things

I just wanted to make sure folks could find it without going through 50-some comments. And thanks for all the action by the way. I may not always agree with you but it's always very interesting. I say that in the best interest of not getting my porchlight shot out.

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Let the sniping begin

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The news on Galbraith

It's pretty good actually. He's going to be out 3-4 weeks and will need surgery. He has a torn meniscus in his knee which is the same injury Kevin St. Pierre suffered in December last season. Lance will be able to go in the playoffs, and there's a pretty good chance he will play few enough regular-season games that he won't qualify for veteran status next season.

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Trade winds are calm

Komets General Manager David Franke had this to say about potential trades: ``Nothing biting yet. There's not really a lot out there, but we are really not offering a lot in return. Right now I don't see the perfect deal out there.''

As for filling any potential holes, as with Lance Galbraith: ``If Galbraith is out we'll just go with what we've got and do the best we can. If our veteran players play up to their abilities and we get good goaltending, we'll be fine.''

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