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Opening Arguments

This just in

This story seems about a year or two too late to be even interesting, let alone important, doesn't it?

INDIANA (Indiana's NewsCenter) - The way people watch movies is rapidly changing, and those changes could be threatening the future of traditional video rental stores. There are more options than ever, and that means more competition.

A Blockbuster Video store in Fort Wayne that is closing their doors is just one of several struggling video stores across the country. The Huntington Movie Gallery, for example, is also closing.

Gadzooks, this funny ole world is sure a changin' so fast it makes our heads spin! Next thing you know, eight-tracks will be a thing of the past and reading text on paper will be considered old-fashioned.

There was a story this week about the state authorizing the addition of a second virtual charter school. Most of the critics (from the education establishment) were upset about the charter aspect, not the virtual one, which is a sign of how far online learning has come in public acceptance. Students in elementary school today are going to be adults in a world in which almost everything is digital, even things we can't imagine today. It'll be mostly software and very little hardware. The ones who have gone to school digitally will have an advantage in that world.


Fri, 04/02/2010 - 7:03pm

I was astonished by this, too. I live near the Hollywood that is closing.
I just assumed the rental places would be booming, since so many people have home theaters and actual big-screen theaters are unaffordable for ordinary people. Plus there's the whole business of being able to pause the show for bathroom breaks and snacks, no loud morons sitting behind you offering their opinion of the plot, the popcorn can be purchased without a second mortgage, etc.
I assume there must be some new medium making videos seem old hat. The problem is, I'm an old guy who only recently discovered DVDs. Are they already obsolete?